Do you find happiness waiting for it to appear? Do you strive to be happy one day? Do you work towards happiness as an end goal for life?

Happiness is in the here and now mixed among the sadness and heart aches of life. It is meshed together, even buried beneath the pain, there is a glistening spot of good.

In the last few years I have witness much heart ache and seen lives shattered. Also in the last few years, during the most brutal moments, I saw love pouring on those that were suffering the greatest pain of their lives.

Happiness isn’t waiting for you at the end of a rainbow. It is in the here and now. It is what throws the colors from your storm cloud that forms a rainbow.

Happiness is found in life’s small moments of love and peace during and in-between the hard times, no matter who you are or where you come from.

This is a Cliche but…….The roller coaster of life. It has its ups and downs….Your happy and excited then -boom- the bottom drops out, then up you go again for the fun, etc etc.

Another Cliche…..Life is short. Yea no kidding. So allow yourself to enjoy the beauty that surrounds you. Don’t sweat the small stuff so much. Say ‘I love you’ more instead of ‘I hate you’. What do you want your last words to be to someone? Will you regret them or find peace from them?

Yet another Cliche….Take time to smell the roses. They smell wonderful by the way. Sadness is a terrible thing that you can not always escape, especially if you know loss. Allow the light into your dark room, even if its just a small ray of sun shine, let it touch your skin and feel its warmth.

My point is; Find the good around you now. It can sometimes be hidden in the small and quiet things that normally you might walk past. Everyone can find something that makes them smile, perhaps just bringing a smile to someone else.

Happiness shouldn’t be a life goal for the end.  Your life should be filled with the happiness you lived before it’s over.

The love and happiness you shared with others is what will be left at the end. (It works both ways though; If you never gave either then you have nothing in the end)

Just my thought for the day…..take it or leave it



  1. Love this! So uplifting! 🙂

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  2. My motto is “bring your own sunshine”.

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    1. Noel Hartem says:

      That is a great motto!


  3. Pancy2013 says:

    Love this!! 🙂

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