The Shedding

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The shedding

Blurb:  Brandon Hayes has an insatiable appetite for control and power which threatens to destroy his family and those that dare to oppose the brotherhood of snakes. Hatred has consumed his heart and taken his mind into the abyss of madness with venom pumping through his veins. Kindness and compassion is viewed as a disease that has been passed on to his eldest son Derek from the contaminated DNA of his mother; whom has been exterminated for her defiance and betrayal of the rules. Almost thirty years of severe abuse and witness to his beloved mothers murder, Derek has found the courage to stand up against his father and break free from his control.

Brandon has eliminated any bloodline that would inherit his dead wife’s massive estate……except the hidden girl with amber eyes that glow. A force has drawn together broken hearts and lonely souls to form a powerful brotherhood bound by love and truth that seeks to bring justice to the lives taken by the leader of the Snakes.

Greed vs Charity

Abuse vs Kindness

Arrogance vs Compassion

Hate vs Love

Evil vs Good

A tale as old as time……and time doesn’t heal all wounds but shedding the hate will allow you to live to tell the tale.



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