Wasted Time


Letting go is sound advice

Given by many

Heeded by few

Phantom bestowments

Clutching the known

Gift with a bearing price

What is there to let go

Empty palms reading brail

Written words across your brow

Time is just an illusion

Existing within a rhythm

Creating our own timepiece

Setting hands to the past

Losing moments

A final alarm suddenly drums

Tomorrow has come and gone

Hearing beckoning whispers

Standing all alone

Taking that first step forward

A lightened load

Leaving behind an idle grandfather clock

Letting go of wasted time


  1. Renee Espriu says:

    I like this very much, Noellie. Time…such an illusive thing and there never seems to be enough of it and it is such, that it seems to never be used wisely, i.e, wasted. It would be nice to be able to pare it all down so that one might believe that in every moment one felt accomplished. Yes. This is a wonderful poem. Do take care.

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    1. Noellie says:

      thank you sincerely ❤

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