IMG_0492I am a woman that grew up in a time before the internet was actually “a thing” and became a dominant force in our everyday lives. I raised my children with land lines and only two TV’s (imagine that). I have grandchildren now that are teaching me all the newest and instant conveniences of their world. They laugh when I say the most instant thing back in my day were mashed potatoes in a box and the certainty I was in trouble if I ruined my one pair of school shoes.

Now here I am reaching out to complete strangers with my thoughts. I probably will never verbally speak to them or shake their hand. The world is moving fast and I want to learn as much as possible but not forget what it was like to run bare foot in the soft grass or sit by the water skipping stones with someone just talking about nothing important but having it be the best conversation I had that day.

I am willingly becoming a part of this new instant and fingertip world partly because I am excited about the potential it holds on so many levels but also I am hoping to contribute to the positive flow of energy and like-minded individuals such as myself that are buzzing around the world with their dog or significant other next to them on the couch.

(I know the negative bottom feeders and dangers are a real part of this world the same as they were when I grew up without the internet, they aren’t as easy to see now but they still smell the same.)

I hope you enjoy your stay here at Noellie’s Place. Come back any time and skip some stones with me…….


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  1. Hello Noellie, it sounds as if we grew up in the same era 😀 and my school shoes were hand me downs from a cousin, that were too big, so they were padded out with cotton wool.. I looked like Mini mouse as they were more like hobnail boots. 🙂 And they lasted and lasted, and when at last the soul got a hole in them, and I thought I might get a new pair as they were now pinching my toes.. My Dad re-soled them..
    Nice to meet you and thank you for visiting my blog the other day and leaving me your thoughts..
    Enjoy the rest of your week and your grandchildren. 😀
    Blessings Sue 🙂

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Thank you for stopping by. I hope you enjoyed your stay and want to come back. Until then, be safe ----Noellie

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