This is the story of anger. It has no end nor a beginning. It has always been and will always live. It is cherished by some and fed with joyous hurt taken from those it hates.

Coveting what it does not understand. Seeking what it can not feel. Wanting only to bring self-gratification. Giving only to take back what is owed.

Empathy is shown only to deceive. Manipulation is perfected with a gentle tone. Ensure blinded compassion with tales of victimhood. Always wronged and never loved.

One by one each bridge is burned by lies told and a reality that is all its own. To reason would be bowing to defeat.  Stand tall and smile for you can have it all.

Kinship to anger is love. The ultimate sibling rivalry.

A tightly twisted and entangled set of twins. One can not exist without the other.  Like its brother, it has no end nor a beginning.  It too has always been and will always live, but that is where their likeness ends.

Anger will always live in the shadow of Loves bright light that burns.

Anger will always live alone because Love holds the masses.

Anger will always live with sadness while Love gives birth to happiness.

Anger will always live with need as Love nourishes to fulfillment.

Anger tempts and lures you in with its lies.

Love forgives and welcomes you with open arms.

Forever are we torn

Forever shall we be reborn anger love


  1. ivor20 says:

    A glorious piece Noellie,…. maybe this song “Torn” by Leonard Cohen, which his song/lyrics about sums up my thoughts about your poem…..


    1. Noellie says:

      🙂 thank you


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