Noellie's Place


Panic simmers beneath the skin

Can’t believe what is true

Your fathers God becomes your own

Forgotten Deeds

Fingers tight around colors of red

Tongue  pressed out in concentration

Little finger touching paper of what will be

A Love Affair

Wordless wants flush my cheeks

Eyes cast down to hide the fire

Beyond the Feeders IV

An eruption of glass and heavy blackness violently knock you to the ground. As your vision fades you hear the birds and see the image beyond the feeders that lured you here…

Opinion vs Truth

He wants a word of kindness and to feel self worth. He has to be tough because nice will get you hurt.

Blogger Recognition Award

I try to focus on the kind side of life. We all have struggles and find them overwhelming at times. Sometimes we feel alone and lost

Beyond the Feeders III

Here in the pleasant dark, a flood of emotions rush to the front with a woeful longing to being felt.


It is also a place owned by all and that is where I begin….

Silent House

Tears of others used as a whetstone tool

Sharpened tongue precisely placed

Simple Act

Tears of hope roll down my dry cheeks

Beyond the Feeders II

Like a black avalanche being called by the sound to follow, color appears beyond the ebbing tide of birds. It’s beautiful. It’s dangerous. It is a fate unfolding from the heavens bore from the depths of your new hell.

Beyond the Feeders

Grabbing your favorite large mug that fits perfect in your hand with just the right amount of morning glory, a smile forms at the corners of your mouth with anticipation for the favorite moment of the day…..and then you see it…..