A Low Tide Friend

After a long bumpy week for both my friend and self, we were finally able to fit a beach combing walk in after two months of trying. It was a blow out tide and ripe for the picking of sea glass and treasures. Having a friend that will walk the low tides of life with you is nothing short of a miraculous gift from the heavens. Life is super hard and confusing at times but when it’s shared with people that love you, well, I wish that for anyone that has to go through struggles. May you always walk the low tides with someone you love……  enjoy the photos of our walk Continue reading “A Low Tide Friend”



What is a sister? By definition it is a female who has one or both parents in common with another, but as we all know, the bond of friendship and trust also defines a sister.

I was raised in a home with many siblings, some blood-some not, that came and went through the years. I have two blood sisters that share both the same parents as me. It’s odd even saying that statement out loud, actually, now that I am reading what I wrote. Today’s generation wouldn’t even bat an eye or question the meaning behind my words. It is assumed now that a family is mixed with many different parents. I am not placing judgement on this generation, just simply making an observation of noticed change in attitude and acceptance. There has always been a mixture among families, it just wasn’t talked about openly, but that’s a whole other blog I believe….. Continue reading “Sisterhood”

Wise Child

We were all born on the same colored canvas, ready to be painted by the tones mixed on a palette that holds our future. I know that is so metaphoric but, to me, it explains how a child develops.

Genetics is a large part in our character development but the environment to which we are exposed and raised in, is the dominant factor for how we spend our adult life. Depending on the content of how a person is taught to cope -by example- with life when it throws the worst or best at you, will become a component in our circle of life that is extremely hard to break when it is necessary to do so for survival. Some things that are taught to a child become so ingrained, no amount of change to environment will erase the damage or stop what has become an involuntary personality trait (I did not learn that from a book, only what I personally found to be true) Continue reading “Wise Child”

Burnt Rope

Scream in my face all you do is take

Nothing is right everything is wrong

Handed the unconditional moon

Thrown aside to cry the blues

You’ve been slighted again

Its not good enough you wanted two

Scream and scream again

Stomp your foot for the indignationrope

Crushed bonds beneath go unseen

Or was it…..your heel did twist Continue reading “Burnt Rope”

Broken Heart

The heart of any soul is one of the most majestic and wondrous things in this world. I am not talking about the metaphoric heart either. I am talking about the beating heart that is inside all of us. It is such a powerful muscle that can survive and do so many amazing things for our bodies.

It is resilient and able to withstand a large work load running 24/7 while never missing a beat. If we take care of our heart by staying active, eating the proper foods and allowing love to flow through it as often as possible then it will last us our life time, when ever that time should be. Continue reading “Broken Heart”

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