A ballet of silhouettes endlessly dance above

Dreams are beckoned and set free


Historically hummingbirds were killed for their feathers, today they face different but equally devastating threats, habitat loss and destruction are today’s hummingbird’s main threat

Mew Gull

Normally I find the seagull uninteresting and at times, annoying. However, I found grace and beauty with this particular encounter


Sounds of a whippoorwill song on a warm spring or summer night is so comforting and peaceful to me

Beyond the Feeders II

Like a black avalanche being called by the sound to follow, color appears beyond the ebbing tide of birds. It’s beautiful. It’s dangerous. It is a fate unfolding from the heavens bore from the depths of your new hell.

Fan of the Feather

What appears to be fragile will endure and defy the odds we assume are against its capabilities. I like to believe the feather represents many of us