Smoothie Living

smoothieIn recent years I made a life style change in what I consume to help with my aging body (I’m still considered a youngin’ in some circles). I found that my knees and other body parts were aching more frequent then not plus some extra pounds found their way to my bottom end, so I became pro-active with my own healthy state since I am now an empty nester no longer in charge of my children’s diet plans. Of course, I am dragging my husband along for the ride, after all, it is my job to ensure he is around as long as I am so we can enjoy our retirement together (he claims, however, so I can continue to torture him).

I tried several different recipe attempts until I found what worked for me. I now have a smoothie everyday and when I miss a day or two, for what ever reason, I can feel the difference in my body.

After researching the benefits of certain fruits and vegetables for what ails me, I chose these ingredients for my perfect smoothie (or smoogie as my granddaughter says): Greek yogurt, wild Maine blueberries, dark cherries, pineapple, dark red/purple grapes and mango. Blue berries are the biggest percentage of fruit because of the antioxidants it provides to my system. Pineapple and cherries are good for inflammation and arthritis. Black seedless grapes are also high in antioxidants and wonderful for helping to maintain a comfortable weight. Mango has high levels of Vitamin C plus a good source of fiber and antioxidants. The Greek yogurt I add for protein and good cultures my digestive system  needs to help stay regular, if ya know what I mean.

All of my fruits, except the grapes and pineapples, I buy in the frozen section at my local supermarket. It is much simpler to make your smoothie from fresh frozen fruit, not to mention cheaper. I prefer the wild grown Maine blueberries because they taste better and have higher levels of the good stuff I’m looking for in my fruit. (that is not a scientific fact, only my self educated opinion) Because the fruit is frozen, I add a little bit of warm water to help blend the frozen fruit together better, otherwise it becomes to thick to really mix well.

I love glass jars, especially mason and jelly jars, to use for storing my pre-made smoothies in frig to help save time the next morning. Some might say that I have started hoarding glass jars since my pantry now has several shelves full of many different kinds of glass jars in many sizes.

By changing my eating habits, which is a life style choice, I have dropped weight and my knees do not scream at me near as much as they used too. Also, I have noticed an enormous drop in how many cooties I catch from other people during flu seasons.

There are many websites to research for calorie and sugar counts in the fruit or vegetables you choose to use for your perfect smoothie. Everyone has different health issues or allergies so each smoothie is custom made to ones preference or needs, the important thing is that you at least attempt to become a healthier you (and drag your significant other along for the ride).