Winds in a Willow

Little girl lost where did you go I’m looking but just don’t know

Once wide eyed looking up I could see the stars gazing back

Narrow eyes cutting through plotting each one of your moves

No twinkle to recognize who blocked your view

Did you leave a trail of crumbs stolen by a calling crow

Who let go and when did the cord become so slack

I pray you stay clear of one who wears cloven hooves

We reach into the dark hoping to bring back a piece of you

Little girl lost with sweet words that once fell upon your pillow

Was it happenchance you stumbled or did fates shadow seduce

Hidden well within a weeping willow tree I see you wave

Betrayed by the winds of your own heart my view is quite clear

Does shame stand in the way with no desire to pick up and go

Playing hide and seek with your self accepting each excuse

Secrets and lies donned on your cloak belong to a certain knave

Searching for you with the rhythm of our drum we hope you hear

Little girl lost please open your eyes or should I…….

weeping willow
Illustrator unknown




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  1. Lisa says:

    You know I don’t care for poetry but I can honestly say I like this one. It sounds written from experience and from the heart, I pray you little girl listens for your drums and finds her way 😔

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