Watching & Waiting

From my window covered in dust

I watch you stumble I watch you curse

Can’t look away nor reach out to help

Swaying back and forth from your comforting poison of choice

Hands lifted in rage to the one you blame

Speaking to many faces no one can see but you

Demon talons anchored deep in your back

Sorrow and pain etched around a voice calling to the night

Desires and dreams no longer in view

Climbing ivy hold together crumbling walls

Ending it all seems to be what you want

A heart no longer in control goes numb with rage and spite

Flashes of clarity behind your tormented blue eyes

Right and wrong no longer live in your dark singular world

Surviving eternal consequences has no end

Alone you stand on the step

Longing to be taken as you fight to stay alive

From my window wiped clean of the dust

I watch you stumble I watch you curse…..





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