Tales of Time

Take heed fellow man…A tale as old as time plays on a loop

Those with plenty but dare not share could lose it all with nothing to spare.

The beauty of your reflection admired so much as you judge those that turn eyes from their own, will fade and leave you all alone.

So strong as you stand and flex showing greatness but strain not for those you see struggle.  A tore bicep or tendon and no one helps to even open your door.

Greed has left you blind to those in need. You are buried the same as a man with nothing. The money you held so tight can never buy the tears that weep for him.

Keep taking from those that sweat to pay the bills, you might find time has run out and they shoot to kill.

No compassion or kindness for a growing child that needs. Alone you shall sit with aged bones from the unkind hands of  time.


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