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I have become an avid fan of a bloke named Jeremy Wade. (obsessed/avid fan ) My husband is fine with it since he is only my tv main squeeze. Jeremy has many accomplishments under his belt but what threw him into our homes was a show called River Monsters on The Animal Planet.  I love how calm and articulate he is when speaking about fish and the environment of his location. He is well educated and an advocate not just for fish but all living creatures. Jeremy Wade is all about facts and sharing his experience without any of the drama and hoopla found on most shows these days. He not only is an extreme fisherman but also a biologist and author. I find him to be humble and intriguing.

If you have never heard of him or watched any of his shows on the Animal Planet, River Monsters & Dark Waters, then I recommend that you give it a shot. You too might become an “avid fan” haha. Below are a couple links for you to explore, I hope that you find them as interesting and entertaining the way myself and family do.

Little Bio: Jeremy Wade is a biologist, extreme angler and writer specializing in travel and natural history. He is best known for using fishing as a means to look beneath the surface of human life in remote places, notably the Congo and the Amazon. Having grown up in rural Suffolk in the United Kingdom, he studied zoology at Bristol University and went on to teach biology at a grammar school in Kent. For the full article on Jeremy Wade click here

Jeremy Wade’s new show on Animal Planet; Dark Waters

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