Orchids & Puddles

5000 miles away your daughter sends a picture to you of the colored orchid she sees growing in the wild. He sees a puddle then looks at her and smiles as he jumps and splashes her with the water. 


Breaking Bread

Maybe someday when this world is done hating each others differences we can all sit down and have a good laugh about it while we break bread together and make sure every person has a warm belly and full heart

Rex “The King”

Rex is Latin for King and a king he was to all of us. He was my friend, my confidant, my protector, my child, my responsibility and a part of my daily life I will forever miss.

Story Time

Whether you have a small child to read with or not, pick up something written by Beatrix Potter and let your inner child smile


Blood is not always what binds or makes a family, it is love and compassion that fills the branches and leaves of your tree

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