Consequences & Actions

Questioning life is a normal thing to do I would guess. At least that is something I have often done through mine, although, we seem to only question it during the bad moments. Why question the good if you don’t think about why something is happening. To be happy and grateful for the warmth and positive things in life are enough. Or is it?

Stop and think for a moment on why something has blessed you instead of causing you pain and harm. Is it a consequence of something you did? Is it a result of your actions? Is it a consequence of something someone else did? Is it a result of the actions of someone else?

Consequences also come from the good or kind actions we choose to make in our daily lives, not just the bad or unkind ones.

Something personal happened within our family and it caused many struggles and hurdles to overcome before the light began to peek through the clouds again, at least that is how I thought for a time.

The light was there all along but I/we couldn’t, or rather, chose not to see the beam of light sending warmth through all the muddled and stinging cold waters we were treading.

Today sitting on the shoreline of the once turbulent ocean, I realized friendships and connections between families were created because of the kind actions of another towards someone that was suffering.

The action of kindness brought consequences that changed the outcome of a very bad situation. The deliberate choice of someone to stand up and show the strength of true character to someone hurting and lost in a dark place brought a consequence that forever changed, not one, but the lives of all those that loved the ONE they helped.


These things are just as powerful and life-changing when they are led by the kindness of others and the strength to stand up and lead with their hearts.

Be that ‘someone’ for another and be blessed by the consequences of your actions. See the cause and effect fueled by a simple act of kindness. I will forever be thankful to our ‘someone’ for giving us a consequence we can live with and watch bloom into something beautiful.