Heirloom Eggshells

Finely laid egg shells break 
Each step becomes more frantic
Heirlooms passed down

Dire need

You’re not shutting me out

I’ve always been in

Let go of the lock and set us both free

Where am I?

“She’s blowing a gale today, batten down the hatches and lean into the wind. This storm will pass and tomorrow we can go fishing.” Quote by Robert M. Fisler

A Stroke of Love

My father passed peacefully on January 10th 2021, Sunday at sunset


A tightly twisted and entangled set of twins. One can not exist without the other.  Like its brother, it has no end nor a beginning.  It too has always been and will always live, but that is where their likeness ends.

Consequences & Actions

Why question the good if you don’t think about why something is happening. To be happy and grateful for the warmth and positive things in life are enough. Or is it?