Like a dream, she walked from the water and sat down beside me. No words were spoken. Only a single tear and the haunt in her eyes told me all I needed to know.


Minds eye

I see a story in everything and everyone I pass. Some make me smile but others startle me by what my minds eye will see.......

Drooling Dogs

Never have I claimed to be a dog person, in fact I emphasize the opposite. I complain when they get their drool or wet noses on me. I get irritated when they don't come the second you call them or eat something horrendously gross after you just bought a 50 dollar bag of dog food.... Continue Reading →

Northeast Beauty

I have done some traveling all along the entire east coast, parts of the west coast and islands close to the United States. I have witnessed incredible beauty offered by natures best artists but my heart always returns to the Northeast. I am in love and satisfied with forever staying in these parts. It is... Continue Reading →

Smoothie Living

In recent years I made a life style change in what I consume to help with my aging body (I'm still considered a youngin' in some circles). I found that my knees and other body parts were aching more frequent then not plus some extra pounds found their way to my bottom end, so I... Continue Reading →

Social Networking

With one inquiring text message from my youngest adult daughter, the day went from a normal routine of charades communication with my father that has lost most of his articulating skills to a free flowing waterfall of incredible stories and memories. I relayed a question to my dad about family members that have passed on... Continue Reading →

Small Moments

In the latter part of December it will be three years since our lives were changed after a stroke took the right side of my father and started chipping away his strength and will. We have adjusted and accepted the new normal of our present life. However, every now and then he will break through... Continue Reading →

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