Orchids & Puddles

Two small moments that made a miserable day suddenly bearable and beautiful.


No where to be found is a colored orchid you want to buy as a gift for someone you love and want to make them smile. 5000 miles away your daughter sends a picture to you of the colored orchid she sees growing in the wild.

What are the chances that a daughter, living far from home, would see an orchid in the wild as her mother is searching to find one at a store and thinks to send her a picture of the flower.


A little boy wants to run and play while a teacher struggles to hold on to his hand while she walks him to the bus in the rain. He sees a puddle then looks at her and smiles as he jumps and splashes her with the water.

The teacher sees his smile and ups the ante with a raised eyebrow and grin as she jumps into a bigger puddle and splashes him back as he stands by the bus.  shock..disbelief..smile and a new found friendship stepped on the bus.



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