Forever Stained

Broken pieces of color break away and fall
Reds and blue and a purple hue

An unfinished story

Interpretation is dangerous when you are given words that fill previously scorched pages

Fungus Among Us

Recently I took a walk in my favorite piece of woods and found myself in a world of mushrooms. After returning home I  started researching what types I had photographed. (no mushroom was harmed in the making of this blog) I learned which were poisonous, hallucinogenic and edible. As a rule; don’t eat unless you…

Fan of the Feather

What appears to be fragile will endure and defy the odds we assume are against its capabilities. I like to believe the feather represents many of us

A Low Tide Friend

Having a friend that will walk the low tides of life with you is nothing short of a miraculous gift from the heavens.

Butterfly Bouquets

Catching the tears that fall from a storm

When her basin is full and begins to overflow

From sadness a garden of flowers she makes grow

My Sunsets

I was born on the water, live my life on the water and will die on the water.

Temporary Blindness

Some instincts were created as part of a defense mechanism and they are no longer needed but they are still there laying low beneath the surface of your smile.

Flawless Hands

The two have formed one not knowing how to live without the other