Butterfly Bouquets

Butterflies bring only beauty to the world

From a caterpillar clinging to a stem


Shedding its skin to emerge for one purpose

FloatingĀ on air with wings so strong

Seeking out the warm bright light

Spreading natures seeds everywhere they need to be

Butterflies do not sting or bite

Drinking in the nectar of life doing no harm

Displaying colors of the rainbow where ever they go

I know this young woman more precious then a gem

She was born with a sense of right and wrong

Walking with a great weight on her shoulders

Her soft hands are but wings of a butterfly

Catching the tears that fall from a storm

When her basin is full and begins to overflow

From sadness a garden of flowers she makes grow

The day she was born placed down from the heavens

monarch 1

Was the soul of a butterfly we watched transform

Our tears are filled as she flies away

With all the colors of her wings

And the most beautiful blooming bouquet



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  1. Lovely poem and beautiful pics!

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