Small Moments


In the latter part of December it will be three years since our lives were changed after a stroke took the right side of my father and started chipping away his strength and will. We have adjusted and accepted the new normal of our present life. However, every now and then he will break through the barriers that were built around him against his will.

On this particular amazing day of displayed old school true grit, we were taking our walk around his cozy and comfortable little town he has resided in for 60 years; well, I was trotting while he was trying to out run me in his battery operated scooter. We were in route to visit his first born baby (my older sister). She was recovering from a surgery, so out of fatherly love and concern that did not dwindle in his 80+ years of life; he stood up out of his needed nemesis and willed himself through her door way on his own two feet for the first time since his independence was taken.

When you assume something has come to an end due to circumstances out of your control, it is nice to be proven wrong.   It was a just a small moment in time that would’ve been over looked by others but to us it left a mark so large on our time line of life’s calendar.

Sit and Share a Moment of Time……It will never be one of your regrets.

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