IMG_4183 (765x1024)The sun is bright but my world is dark.

I don’t want to get up but know I must.

Many responsibilities but no desires.

I am loved but unable to feel.

My body needs food but can not taste.

I have 20/20 vision but see a blurred view.

There is no harsher judgement then the distorted mirror we hold before ourselves.

To anyone that hasn’t felt these thoughts or poured love into someone that has shared these feeling, then understanding what I’ve written will not come easy, but…….if you listen to the words anyway then perhaps one day you will remember what I’ve written and be able to reach for the hand offering their comfort or touch the one that is isolated with in the crowded room.

Patience, Love, Understanding and Depression go Hand in Hand like the Bright Beam of a Lighthouse that Shines the Way through Darkness to find Safe Shores.

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