Carrier of Souls


Have you ever stopped to admire a dragonfly? Have you ever marveled at the dragonfly? Do you know anything about the dragonfly?

Have you ever been touched by a Dragonfly…Metaphorically or otherwise?

I can answer yes to all of the above.

First I will write some facts and myths/symbolisms about the dragonfly before I insert my own personal thoughts and experiences into your data base of collected knowledge.


  •  There are about 5,000 different species of dragonflies all over the world except in Antarctica.
  • A dragonfly’s eyes have about 30,000 lenses and can see all the way around it, but they don’t see details very well.  (a human eye only has one lens and sees better than a dragonfly, but only to the front and side of them.)
  • A dragonfly is carnivorous in nature, and is known as a brutal predator. It often carries out its hunting from perches on rocks and twigs.
  • The dragonfly is the food for numerous animals like birds, frogs and lizards. The birds snatch their wings and consume the fleshy body part. But with effective compound eyes, it can escape from the predators easily.
  • It flies a minimum speed of 18 to 35 mph.   A dragonfly is a very strong and good flyer, some can fly at speeds of up to 36 miles per hour.
  • There were huge dinosaur dragonflies that lived 300 million years ago. The largest fossil found had a 2 ½ foot wingspan.  Currently there are dragonflies in Costa Rica that measure 7 ½ inches across the wings.
  • From the time a dragonfly egg hatches, it can live anywhere from six months to six years, but only about two months as an actual dragonfly.


  • Change
  • Maturity and depth of character
  • Power and Poise
  • Focus on living ‘in’ the moment
  • The opening of one’s eyes
  • Self realization

dragonfly2The dragonfly, in almost every part of the world symbolizes change; the kind of change that has its source in mental and emotional maturity and understanding the deeper meaning of life……These symbols stem from how the dragonfly uses its own power to control its movements so elegantly to fly and also, the way it can be comfortable on water, land and the air. (to be one with your own self)

Fun Myth: In the old days, it was believed, that dragonflies would seek out bad kids and sew their mouths together with their claspers while they slept. Dragonflies were known as the devil’s darning needles.

Because of certain events throughout my life (stories for another day) I have been drawn to the dragonfly as a source of comfort and healing. When I see a dragonfly it reminds me of loving souls watching over my family.

Dragonflies will land on my children (adults now) and they send pictures to show me they too were visited and blessed by the touch of a dragonfly. My middle daughter sent me the pictures you see with these words, which inspired this post.

I believe, because I choose too, that dragonflies being as old as time and swift efficient flyers, will carry a soul between our worlds to bring comfort and remind us that we are not alone or forgotten. I have passed those beliefs onto my daughters, as we share a similar scar, the dragonfly is a bond that will forever bring comfort and a sense of peace no matter where we are in our lives……this world or the other.

The Dragonfly is and always will be a part of my everyday life.dragonfly


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