Have a Swig

swigI like the word swig. It isn’t heard much in today’s dialogue. My father (81) asked me for a swig of his water and a surprise hidden door deep in my memory opened up. He looked at me funny when I smiled and asked him to say it again. “Swig, can I have a swig of my water before I die of thirst instead of from the stroke” he said with a smirk across his crooked  face.

Growing up under the influence and guidance of a generation that would provide scientific and medical guidelines for warning labels and side effects due to alcohol consumption and tobacco use, I heard the word swig in the background of my play throughout childhood.

I don’t know why today the word swig pushed a memory button, maybe it was the way or tone of which he said it, but it brought a warm feeling with a flood of faces saying the word mixed in with a conversation. Almost all of the faces that popped up are long gone and buried (probably from a side effect or two of that era). It was nice to briefly visit with them again and share a swig of nostalgia.

The next time you are with some friends and family, kick out the word swig and see what they say….or hand you.

Im not advocating anyone to drink alcohol but a shared swig of brandy  now and then will warm your cheeks and soul.