Snow Angels

snow angel (2)Have you ever made a snow angel? It’s simple really, all you have to do is open the door for the child locked inside your heart and let them do the rest. Don’t listen to the voice rambling off logical reason why an adult shouldn’t lay down in the snow and flap their extremities like a fish out of water. Any odd looks you might get from people watching are just expressions in front of their hearts wish to join in the fun.  No one can make a snow angel without an involuntary smile and happiness exploding from the far corners of their being, this is a universal proven phenomenon around the world (at least until proven otherwise). snow angel (1)
I find it is best to use the freshest snow for the ultimate results. Although, it will be hard to find undisturbed snow if you have young children or pets because they  are instinctively drawn to those areas. If the snow happens to have started at night, well so what, go out and make an angel before you lose the thought. Be spontaneous. Be adventurous. Be in-the-moment because it will pass as quickly as snow melts under the warm sun. Let your children or the neighbors kids see you outside making snow angels. Its okay to be that crazy lady playing in the snow again. It is an infectious feeling that should never be ignored.

Wouldn’t it be lovely to see a Band of Snow Angels lining the streets where you live. Little ones mixed in with big ones.

*For those that are not blessed with snow in the winter, if by chance you do encounter some, throw your inhibitions  to the wind and join the Snow Angels of Happiness club.

*Disclosure: I am aware that people living under the wind driven snow mounds during the winter season may not feel as I do about the snow…..fully understood and respected.

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  1. Heidi says:

    Almost wishing for snow so I can make a snow angel!


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