For Fun & Love

  • I have this lovely friend
  • Only see each other now and then
  • She loves me this I’ve always known
  • Never needed to hear it on the phone
  • Reading books is her life long passion
  • As long as poems aren’t part of the distraction
  • Putting words on paper is how I pass the time
  • She recently told me, as a poet, I need to rhyme

 To my friend so true-This poem I wrote for you

  • Tall and lean but Bobcat mean
  • Long golden locks-same as picture on the box
  • When youth was on our side and neither had a dime
  • Raising kids was how we spent our time
  • The years have passed so quickly
  • I recall the year she became so sickly
  • Her man was scared we’d have to place her in the grave
  • So God gave her more time to cuss and misbehave
  • Never needing to question her loyalty or trust
  • Even when all you can do is look at her big bust
  • Always straight shooten’
  • never been highfalutin
  • This poem, several times I did censor
  • Since all the words she knows have four letters

         Before she grows any older simply said-I love her

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  1. Heidi says:

    I guess you couldn’t find anything that rhymes with bunker.

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