A Pane Apart

I am on the outside looking in, I see what lies behind your eyes

You’re staring through the window pane

Blind to me, I’m not yet to be

Tracing words in your breath, hoping what isn’t heard will be read

Open doors front to back, in your sight there is no passage out

Rejected are the dreams of ever reaching beyond the trees

I’m still here waiting, we’re not that far apart

I hear the song within your heart muffled by the calling crows

Hands against the frosted glass

I’m coming, please wait for me

Shake off the cold, step away, don’t let it chill you to the bone.

Stepping on that first big stone

Afraid to leave the comfort of the sill

Feel that first warm wind, let it blow the hair from your brow

My hands stretched out, can you see me, can you see me now

You’re looking at me, wondering if it could ever be

Stronger as the trail of stones grow longer

Dark woods are far behind

I watched you struggle in the climb, I’m so glad you made it here

I’ve been waiting this whole time

Look, there below, the sun casts one long shadow







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    Just beautiful. 😊


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