Broken Heart

The heart of any soul is one of the most majestic and wondrous things in this world. I am not talking about the metaphoric heart either. I am talking about the beating heart that is inside all of us. It is such a powerful muscle that can survive and do so many amazing things for our bodies.

It is resilient and able to withstand a large work load running 24/7 while never missing a beat. If we take care of our heart by staying active, eating the proper foods and allowing love to flow through it as often as possible then it will last us our life time, when ever that time should be.

A heart can suffer a serious physical malfunction that requires medical attention and still make a full recovery. The heart can be broken time and time again by a love gone wrong, a betrayal of trust or the loss of a beloved one with out ever stopping no matter how bad the pain, even though we wish it would.

A broken heart is one of the worst pains a human can suffer. It will take your breath away as you grip it with your hand hoping it will just stop beating so you wont feel any longer. The sadness and pain that can manifest inside a heart to the point of consuming your entire being, yet still function, is nothing short of incredible.

Along with the pain a heart can withstand, also is love. Anyone that has loved someone with every part of their being, whether a soul mate or a child, then you know that kind of love can be overwhelming and all consuming of your heart and physically affect you. It will bring you to tears, make you weak all over and cause an ache so deep in your heart it will take your breath away the same as pain.

This is not just exclusive to humans. Elephants have shown mourning and grief for a loved one in the herd that has passed. They show love and compassion for the baby elephants. Many animals have been documented exhibiting emotions directly from the heart.

The power a heart holds is unmatched against anything in this world. It can defy all laws of nature to accomplish the impossible simply by its will to live and love. It will also destroy beyond expectation with the hate and pain it can yield as a mighty weapon if allowed to reign free.

I have heard of some people dying of a broken heart. I know it is true. Sometimes the pain of living without a love that helped your heart beat, is far to great a burden to bear and it simply just stops so the soul can go be where it belongs. It sounds sad but in fact I find it to be the opposite. The heart knew it was no longer needed so it stopped beating to free the soul from its suffering. The hearts greatest act of love…….