Burnt Rope

Scream in my face all you do is take

Nothing is right everything is wrong

Handed the unconditional moon

Thrown aside to cry the blues

You’ve been slighted again

Its not good enough you wanted two

Scream and scream again

Stomp your foot for the indignationrope

Crushed bonds beneath go unseen

Or was it…..your heel did twist

Unloved unfair unappreciated

You demand more the need is endless

Taken it all but still dig and scratch

Hands from your abyss sharpened its blade

Cut its last thread clinging to the edge

As you stole trying to fill your gaping hole

Missing the pleading with all your screaming

Giving is a language unknown

Eyes watching and begging to see mercy and love

You reach with a smile to take the last tear

Relish that final taste you had to have

Starving to death from indulgence

Surrounded by unraveled and burnt rope

Eyes of the beholders can no longer look

Professed beauty doesn’t exist

No worries its still not your fault……..