Opinion vs Truth

Do not judge what you do not know

We are all guilty of judgement. It’s something I try to work on when I find myself judging what I see, not what I know to be truth.

You see: A man laying crumbled with filth against a brick wall. Matted hair with scars on his face. Vacant eyes. Yellow nails gripping a tattered book. A drunken bum.

Truth: A man lost everything he owned and ever loved. Heartache and Pain took his will to live or care. His mind is locked on the past that wont change and can see nothing else. His one possession he would kill to protect is the baby book saved from the house fire.

You see: A pretty young woman sitting alone on a bench.Β Trendy clothes. Well polished nails with a beautiful ring on her finger. Smiles with perfect teeth at those that walk by. Thoughtfully offers a spot on the bench to a couple. I wish I could be her, shes perfect.

Truth: An insecure girl that was never allowed to make a mistake. Always had the best money could buy. Even the perfect man that was a mean drunk and didn’t believe in fidelity. She didn’t feel so lonely or afraid sitting in the park. Envious of the love she saw between others.

You see: A rotten little brat misbehaving towards other children. Pushing smaller ones to the ground. Taking toys that don’t belong to him. Interrupting the play of good kids. I hope he doesn’t come near me or my child.

Truth: A scared little boy that has no father at home because he is in jail for abusing his mother. Older brothers punch him and take his toys. He wants a friend but wont ask to play. He wants a word of kindness and to feel self worth. He has to be tough because nice will get you hurt.

I am not saying you must see the good in everyone or look past the bad in all. That wont happen. There are some real bad eggs in this world and finding the good in them is a waste of time. I’m just suggesting the next time you see someone or something that forms an idea of who they are by their appearance…..run a different scenario through your mind that will produce more compassion and kindness towards them.


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      1. I suppose I generalised a bit, yes, underneath all veneers there’s always a story to be told. …. And thank you for following my blog/website, hope you enjoy reading my humble writings, and I’m from Geelong, Australia. Cheers. Ivor.

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  1. Excellently crafted blog post. So much truth … so much understanding, trust and love is needed as we all approach each new day. Oh to quell the fear within us, so that we can fully experience the joy of life ..

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  2. I love the idea of exploring perceptions vs realities; the message that prejudging is inconsiderate, and that one should understand the history of a specific situation before forming an opinion…..but the Post fell down badly in the line:
    “There are some real bad eggs in this world and finding the good in them is a waste of time.”
    That simple sentence is in total conflict with the message in your Post. An assumption has been made, but yet there may be opportunities to turn them around and unless one has explored that avenue, one should not “write-off” another human being as a “waste of time”. In fact I would suggest that one should never “write-off: another human being, but rather acknowledge that the help they need is beyond our particular expertise.

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    1. That is a great and valid point and you are correct, it does in fact conflict with the first half. I am glad you saw and spoke to the last line. Unfortunately, it is true. There are certain people in this world that will prey on the kindness of others. They view it as a weakness and opportunity for self gain. It would be foolish and dangerous to assume all are good so when your instincts tingle, do not ignore them….walk on while keeping an open mind and heart for others. I hope you understand my thoughts.

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      1. Nope. It’s not that easy! The statement “Unfortunately, it is true” is a categorical statement which you can only present if you have studied every human and drawn such a conclusion. Nobody should be considered a “waste of time”. Yes, there are many unscrupulous people in the world, but neither you nor I have the knowledge to determine in advance who they are, and whether they can be helped.
        Yes, I totally agree with the advice to “move-on” if you sense that things are not quite right, but that merely defines our perception of them and our level of expertise (lack of) to help them.
        Because we cannot see any hope for some individuals does not dictate that there is no hope.

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      2. Then I have to agree with you that my choice of wording ‘waste of time’ was wrong. I believe in hope and if that gives the impression there is no hope left for human-kind, it is a bad message. I’m not so easy to accept that you need to study every human to draw such a conclusion though. I do believe energies should be put to those that do not prey on the kindness of other human beings. We might have to respectfully agree to disagree a bit on this subject.

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      3. We can always agree to disagree. It is important that these issues be discussed publicly, but total agreement is not (in my opinion) a worthwhile, or even significant goal. Have a great day. πŸ™‚

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  3. There is such a lot of truth and generosity in this post. It’s a lot easier to have a ready-made opinion on every ‘type’ we come across than it is to treat each one as an individual with their own past, present and future. No two people are the same, no one should dumped in a pigeon hole with several million others. Great post.

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