Forgotten Deeds

You worked so hard to do your best

Fingers tight around colors of red

Tongueย  pressed out in concentration

Little finger touching paper of what will be

So excited to give your gift

Eyes twinkle with delight

Hugs and Kisses of appreciation

Off you skip with happy thoughts

In my hutch your card does go

Added to my collection

Gestures of love

Years roll by as the pile grew

And so do you

House now empty

The drawer went still

Written words you do not recall

My greatest treasure

Are your forgotten deeds

collected cards2





23 thoughts on “Forgotten Deeds

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      1. I hear ya’. We have big Rubbermaid bins, one for each boy, that hold all their stuff from birth to today. We go through them every now and then, and it elicits smiles, laughs, and tears simultaneously. ๐Ÿ˜ƒ

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    1. They really are priceless treasures. I miss my girls being so little and making things together. Im glad they are out on their own but the little things like that, I really do miss. Thank you for appreciating the post for what it meant.

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