Peace among Pieces

A life cut short not by death

Born with no regard

Given no hope or dreams

Only strings attached

The future is here and now

Chances to thrive were tossed aside

Cold hearts numbed the one they made

Need for love blinded by the want

Confusing what is real and just a wish

Time has taken its penance

Leaving a haggard and lonely soul

Beneath it all lies a forgotten child

Searching for the light

Broken pieces finding peace

A life cut short



2 thoughts on “Peace among Pieces”

    1. so true. Someone I know was never able to put the pieces back together or find peace their entire lives until this week….July 4th they passed. Thank you for always having something kind to say.

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Thank you for stopping by. I hope you enjoyed your stay and want to come back. Until then, be safe ----Noellie

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