Heirloom Eggshells

Finely laid egg shells breakĀ 
Each step becomes more frantic
Heirlooms passed down

Inherited Sea Legs

I need the rivers, lakes and ocean the same as I need air to breathe. It is my religion and faith.

Nautical Dogs

Four different breeds of dog that all enjoy the water and a leisure boat ride.

Every Storm Passes

Every storm passes is old wisdom that stands relevant for every generation.

Fresh Air

When will you purge the past that cultivates and nurtures deadly mold?

Silent Wishes

Staring at ghosts through a phantom window
Unwilling to turn away
Allowing the air to be taken from room


Fragrant steam rises

Palms cradle a porcelain bowl


Boughs of waving arms
Welcome me home

Peace among Pieces

Chances to thrive were tossed aside

Cold hearts numbed the one they made