Fully fledged

Holding eyes that are mine

Is a face weathered by time

Who took hostage my ambitions

Silently waiting to see another physician

Willing this strangers body to do my bidding

Keeping the true me well hidden

Twisted fingers on weak hands

Defeated by a jar and simple rubberbands

Once callused skin now tears like tissue paper

Combing hair takes so much labor

Flickering deep within I can still see

A child who climbed the tallest tree

A carefree soul riding bareback on wild horses

A patriotic spirit serving armed forces

A parent holding its first born

A hard working citizen trying to earn a coin

Holding tight to the porcelain edge

Wishing to be the eagle upon my chest

Wings spread and fully-fledged

In a fragile whisper, I ask

Please release this tired old mister

Into waiting arms of those so familiar



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