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This is not a political, religious or personal opinion post. The meaning for what I write today is strictly to give a little information to help anyone struggling with a serious life decision. This is meant to spark a thought that otherwise might have not been lit if it was not seen as an option. No one is the judge or jury on any personal choice you make in life other than yourself and your god.

Every media outlet is running a story or having heated debates about the New York Governor Cuomo signing a law that allows a mother to have an abortion up until the childs birth. I do not want to engage in any negative commentary, judgemental opinion or add any more difficulty to a choice that is clearly invoking all of the above. My only reason for involving myself on this hot topic is to offer another option; Adoption.

If you find yourself or someone you know at this very crossroad and are looking for an answer or advice then, please, research any of the links I have provided below. All of them offer support, guidance, testimonies, anonymity or open, experience, and information for any questions that might arise for you. This is just another choice for you to explore if you find yourself in a situation where aborting at birth is considered. I am speaking for the families that cannot conceive on their own and would welcome your gift of a child to complete their dream. Love, kindness, and appreciation would overflow abundantly for all parties involved.

I hope I have helped and I wish all the best to those on both sides of the aisle finding themselves personally invested in such a serious decision.

AdoptHelp: Giving the gift of family

Brave Love

Alliance for Children: Pregnancy and Adoption Options

American Adoptions

TruAdopt: Guide to adoption for expectant mothers

Adoption Planners

A Childs Dream

Adoption Choice of Texas: Waiting Families

Infant and International Adoption Options

Planned Parenthood: Placing your child for adoption

*There are many more sites, hotlines, and agencies that will give you advice, emotional support, and answers to any questions you might have on this subject. These are only a few to showcase another avenue to the road you are traveling.

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