The Antidote

Watching with a tilted head
Wanting what it can never feel
Cowering as it festers on boils of disdain
Penetrating light burns it decaying flesh
A shield infused with Love and Kindness

Tracks in the snow

Today for the first time since this journey began, I was shown our bitter sweet reality in the most beautiful and gentle way

Search & Find

Searching for quiet…Finding a screaming echo
Searching for love…Finding a traveling hate

Orchids & Puddles

5000 miles away your daughter sends a picture to you of the colored orchid she sees growing in the wild.
He sees a puddle then looks at her and smiles as he jumps and splashes her with the water. 


Happiness shouldn’t be a life goal for the end.  Your life should be filled with the happiness you lived before it’s over.

Toy Dolls

Play house

Play nice

Pick up a doll and hug it twice

Snow Angels

No one can make a snow angel without an involuntary smile and happiness exploding from the far corners of their being, this is a universal proven phenomenon around the world (at least until proven otherwise).