Historically hummingbirds were killed for their feathers, today they face different but equally devastating threats, habitat loss and destruction are today’s hummingbird’s main threat


Drop and go without care for what you placed over there

Who knew…

Endearing twitchy nose

Roaming the nights

Continuous search for prey

Mew Gull

Normally I find the seagull uninteresting and at times, annoying. However, I found grace and beauty with this particular encounter


Gliding wings feed on its generous bounty

Sustaining life to feet foraging the muddy banks


Renewing a consciousness deafened by din


Sounds of a whippoorwill song on a warm spring or summer night is so comforting and peaceful to me

Morning dew

Delicately touching its splendor to bathe in reflective pearls of quenching dew

Weaver Ants

they carry the larvae along the entire length of the leaf edges, squeezing as they go, using the larvae like living bottles of glue, until the edges of the leaves are stuck together from end to end