Minds eye

Have you ever looked at something and wondered what the story was leading up to its resting place. I do it with every thing I see. My mind will take a snap shot and instantly add a photo album of imagined facts.I chose four things I found on the beach, to which I will share my immediate knowledge I knew of their past.

The Rusted axle:  A young woman in love with a forbidden man pulls all her belongings behind her in a wagon to the rocky beach awaiting his promise of forever. Like her heart, the once strong wheels were left to rust and weather away with each erosive storm surge.

The Talons: A bird of prey with large beautiful wings fanned out soaring above the tree tops paying no mind to the screaming and writhing baby rabbit locked in its razor sharp talons. His eyes are focused on the three featherless hungry babies waiting impatiently for their next meal.

The Sole: A lost and forgotten high top converse sneaker left behind by a young teenager taking a midnight dip in the bay with his group of rowdy friends. The local town sheriff is called to run the care free youngsters off  and in their haste to ditch the law one of his favorite shoes were dropped in the sand allowing time to showcase a story untold.

The Osprey: I do not see death when I look at this lifeless bird. I see a bird that lived a life to be envied. Ospreys mate for life. They build a home together and raise their young. This Male Osprey lived almost two decades with his one love. When she succumbed to the inevitable circle of life, his heart did too and so followed his body allowing them to rejoin above the clouds with the wind forever under their wings.

I see a story in everything and everyone I pass. Some make me smile but others startle me by what my minds eye will see…….

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  1. Heidi says:

    Remarkable! My favorite is the wheel left with her heart!


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