Drop and go without care for what you placed over there

Beyond the Feeders II

Like a black avalanche being called by the sound to follow, color appears beyond the ebbing tide of birds. It’s beautiful. It’s dangerous. It is a fate unfolding from the heavens bore from the depths of your new hell.

Beyond the Feeders

Grabbing your favorite large mug that fits perfect in your hand with just the right amount of morning glory, a smile forms at the corners of your mouth with anticipation for the favorite moment of the day…..and then you see it…..

Story Time

Whether you have a small child to read with or not, pick up something written by Beatrix Potter and let your inner child smile

Wise Child

When you think a love can not get any stronger……your grandson will sing you a lullaby. 

Minds eye

I see a story in everything and everyone I pass. Some make me smile but others startle me by what my minds eye will see…….