Perpetual Tides

In-the-moment ebbs and flows like the infinity of tides. Appreciating the content of the moment is hard to do when you are caught up in the chaos within that’s putting another notch on your time table of life.


Looking back, at what now I see as significant moments that changed the direction of my path or formed a memory that stays at the minds front, I wish I could whisper in that young naive ear of my yester-self and tell her to stop, look around, see that small beautiful thing blurred out by the chaos of needless emotional winds.

What is important when you’re young and head strong are just mirages created by the selfish indulgent heat generated by the learning curve of life’s fast ball. We all have burn scars, some choose to hide them while others display them proudly as a badge of honor.

I suppose this is the way things are to unfold. Learn as you go. Appreciate this by needing that. Going without so you’re able to give when you have. Recognize love by knowing loneliness. Speaking less to hear the words no one heard. Believing after losing your faith. Touch a scar softly that once made you flinch.

Collecting broken pieces when the water ebbs to its lowest point so you can admire and see the value of them when the tide is high.

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  1. Heidi says:

    ❤️ Reflection…clarity…beauty of learning from life.


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