Music plays but I do not hear

Rhythms of the road softly lull

Talk fades into the distance

I Suppose

Where do you place broken pieces of color?

I suppose I will one day display them with pride

until then I’ll hide them

beneath my mosaic collar

Tick Tock

Space is filled with memories of today

In a While

Opening your eyes while you reap what was sown

6 W’s

WHERE do you find comfort sleeping on a bed of nails


It is also a place owned by all and that is where I begin….

Silent House

Tears of others used as a whetstone tool

Sharpened tongue precisely placed

Beyond the Feeders II

Like a black avalanche being called by the sound to follow, color appears beyond the ebbing tide of birds. It’s beautiful. It’s dangerous. It is a fate unfolding from the heavens bore from the depths of your new hell.

Wishes & Hopes

I do wish peace to those with struggles, whether they are visibly obvious or hidden deep within their selves.

Restless Spirit

Trapped in a world you resented
Broken free from a cage built with love
I see now it was never meant to be