Let the trees speak

forest917 (1)I am not a “tree hugger” by the slandering definition but I do love my trees and all that they have to share with this world and mine. I believe in their purpose and use but also strongly believe they must be protected from those that abuse their gift of life. They contribute all that is good and can tell untold secrets of our human history and more. The rings of life reveal a diary of their lives while their shell bear the scars of survival.forest917 (6)Β  I love to walk among them and listen to what they say. You can laugh at the thought of me listening to the trees but they do talk, I promise you they do. They shelter everything that comes to them in need. They feed all that are hungry. They give breath to all that walk among them, even those that can not see their worth or take what is theirs without replacing to keep the balance.

Part of my earliest memories are being at the top of a tree that stood out of my bedroom window. I would swing high into its leaves with my sisters on a tire it held until life ran its course. That tree was something I admired and touched until adulthood. It gave me comforting and beautiful memories to look back on. I was even given the gift of pushing my children into its leaves on the swing he held until it was time to be brought down and used to give its last gift of warmth by fire. This tall and handsome tree started my love affair with all trees of the forest. It is a place where I find tranquility and peace to recenter my soul when the world becomes filled with chaotic and hurtful noise.

Please enjoy these pictures I have taken to share with you; My forest of serenity. May it inspire you to walk among the trees and hear what they have to say. If you already feel the way I do then you will appreciate these pictures and see what I hear…….


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  1. Beautiful Post about the love of trees that you and I possess. Although I am a tree hugger and I love to touch and hug all of them especially in my backyard -nice to meet you here🌲🌳🌴

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