Liar Liar Pants on Fire

Mark-Twain truthTo lie or not to lie; That is the question we all have been faced with in our lives. This is a question that dates back as far as human recorded history. Deception, unfortunately, is a common flaw within the human moral code. It is a choice we consciously make everyday. Big lies, little lies, white ones, harmless or innocent to save feeling, deliberate laced with malice to cause destruction and harm to others or the ones we tell ourselves so we can look in the mirror without cringing. I have told my fair share, most of them to myself, and I learned quickly that a lie will never go unexposed when truth walks into the room. Truth is a powerful weapon. Truth will slay its opponent down with one swift swipe of its edge. Truth can be temporarily covered with well camouflaged lies until the false colors fade and chip away leaving only the bright, undeniable color of truth.5.-Mark-Twain-Quote

Deception is a favorite and well used tool for manipulators and narcissists. They take from others with their lies for self gain. It is destructive and hurtful to those on the receiving end of each assault. Before their lies and deception catch up to them,  they always do,  there will be a trail of broken trust and hearts behind them. A narcissist will be so enraptured in their own self ego they won’t notice or care about the pain they have caused even to those closest to them.

A thief will steal your belongings but a liar steals your trust; Material things can be replaced but trust can never fully be mended once broken. At the end of our journey it isn’t material things you take to the grave or even what people remember, it’s how you made them feel and the deeds that you did; good or bad Mark-Twain-fish stories

*Lies are only words forced out by the breath of deception from the heart*




  1. Interesting thoughts, isn’t it? Yet, without little white lies, think how much more difficult any social interaction would be!

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