Questioned Faith

faith-quotes-picturesWhat does the word Faith actually mean? It is used so much in so many different ways in a multitude of cultures. Faith by definition: Complete trust or confidence in someone or something; strong belief in God or in the doctrines of a religion, based on spiritual apprehension rather than proof.

Faith is open to interpretation upon the way it is used by each individual but it will always have the same positive basic foundation of belief. I hear the word faith used almost everyday; Hey have faith man, Keep the faith, faith in God, I’ve lost my faith, I need faith, put too much faith in, etc…

I recently had to stand by and watch someone slowly lose faith in their passion, them selves and humanity. That caused a ripple effect that touched my faith and made me question how I saw the world. Just as the white knuckle grip holding on to a final thread of faith began to slip Рboom Рjust like that, something happened which  poured strength back into the faith that was being taken by the acts of other human beings.


Having faith in anything isn’t easy, especially when it is constantly being called into question by others, either by their words or actions. It would be easy to slip into the ugly abyss of believing in nothing. If you don’t believe in anything then you can never be disappointed or let down. Your chances of being hurt would lessen immensely.

Having faith in nothing also leaves you with nothing. Empty. No dreams. No hopes. No future. No connection to others or yourself. Faith is important for the survival of your soul. Physically you can live without it but what kind of existence will you have with nothing to fill or ignite the fire that should burn inside your soul.

Faith can be put into anything or anyone you choose to believe in, just as long as you do.

~Keep the Faith~

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  1. Having doubts in faith is not abnormal or sinful. It is natural. Searching and learning and attempting discernment for better understanding strengthens faith in the long run.

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