Story Time

My grandson is starting to read on his own now so story time is even more exciting for us both. He chose Tales of Peter Rabbit for us to take turns reading from because he thinks the characters are funny and cute. He especially likes Mr. Jeremy Fisher due to the fact that he is a good fisherman like his pop-pop.Mr. Jeremy FisherI am so pleased that he has taken a keen interest in books. He is struggling a bit right now with word comprehension but I told him the more he reads the easier it will get for him. (I didn’t tell him that I was secretly happy when the teacher told his dad he needs to read more at home to help with his skill level.) I “volunteered” to read with him what ever stories he picks out each time he comes over to visit his GG. Beatrix PotterThis particular book by Beatrix Potter was given to my youngest daughter by her grandmother at the same age of my sweet Aiden. I am over the moon thrilled to be able to read the Tales of Peter Rabbit with my grandson, who melts my heart everyday I see him.

Whether you have a small child to read with or not, pick up something written by Beatrix Potter and let your inner child smile.

Tales of Peter RabbitThe Flopsy Bunnies