If I dare to speak whats in my head

I’m afraid I would lose whats in my heart

If I dare to grab what my hands want to hold

I’m afraid I would lose my footing and fall

If I dare to touch what I see

I’m afraid I would no longer feel the truth

If I dare to open my eyes

I’m afraid I would let darkness take over

If I dare to give my love

I’m afraid I would be taken by hate

If I dare to let my self go

I’m afraid I would never return

If I dare to take a chance

I’m afraid I would tempt fate

If I dare to never be afraid would I lose everything

andĀ find I never wanted the answers I found…..


  1. Jayshree Solanki says:

    Wow.. beautifully put..dualities of life.
    Isn’t all this what makes it all the more beautiful..and defines living

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    1. Noel Hartem says:

      Thank you and yes I agree, everything we face is a choice with consequences-good or bad. Being content and appreciating what you have is important


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