My eyes popped open at four a.m. this morning with thoughts of love running through my mind. There was no explanation or remembrance of a dream that spurred the swirling words before coffee even began to percolate.  Sipping some fresh brewed love  I sat contemplating all the different types of love, and then it dawned on me, it wasn’t the word that woke me, it was the feeling.

The last thing I did before I drifted off into slumber land was have a conversation via face time with my granddaughter. Being able to watch her face and see her expressions while she talked about her day and making plans for baking together over the holidays was so warming. I fell asleep with such a strong love in my heart for her  that it woke me up. Many things and emotions running through your mind and heart can keep you from sleep so when love does it to you, the need to share is compelling.

Love is always in demand and one of the most sought after emotions across the planet. Many people live their whole lives in pursuit of this commodity. Constantly moving from person to person hoping to find that one special true love that makes them happy and feel whole.

What exactly is love? By definition Love is an intense feeling of deep affection. It doesn’t specify what or who. Love can come in many forms. You can be in love with another person, you can love a child, you can love an animal and you can love yourself.

The word love is easy to say and is used so freely that it loses its potency I think sometimes. Love is the most powerful thing in the world. People also can use it as a weapon or a tool for self gain. Something so beautiful can be used to destroy another person. A hateful and selfish person despises the thought of someone being happy with love in their hearts because it is something they do not understand nor will ever have in their hearts for another person.

Something so powerful as love can also mend a broken or hurt person. A true love that can mend will have no barriers to hold it back or impede its healing powers. It can come in the form of a kind gesture from another human being or even the nuzzle of a dogs nose.

Love will always triumph in the end simply because it is the greatest superpower that can be yielded by all of us if we stop and use the feeling as freely as we use the word.

Actions speak louder then any words, even a four lettered one


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  1. Thank you for sharing and spreading the love, Noellie. How blessed is your lovely little granddaughter to have a grandma like you. Your post brought back memories of my grandmother Eliza, who the thought of always evokes deep feelings of love and acceptance.

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