Silent House

The house is silent with dread

No one speaks but your screams are heard

I see your soul I know your soul

Blackness has colored your burnt edges

A light born bright refused to glow

Who threw the first stone to open such a wound

No elixir can cure the lesions you pick and protect

Neap tides have eroded your empty hearts wall

Tracing scars beneath thin skin with a smile

Disdain oozes at compassion and kindness

The corner of your eyes display your beloved hate

Tears of others used as a whetstone tool

Sharpened tongue precisely placed

As you looked away I deadlocked the door

The house is silent…….I said no more

sharp tongue









15 thoughts on “Silent House”

  1. This a beautiful written piece β™₯️ Thank you for sharing and describing something that it is often so hard to put in words. May your new house be filled with peace and gentle, light, warm sounds 🌺

    Liked by 1 person

Thank you for stopping by. I hope you enjoyed your stay and want to come back. Until then, be safe ----Noellie

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