What is a lap? There are several meanings…

You can run a lap to win a race.

A happy dog will lap your cheek when meeting you.

It is also a place owned by all and that is where I begin…..

The Lap is a place of comfort when taken in the folds of loving arms.

… is where a child looks up into eyes and tells the truth

…..squeals of delight sound from a bouncing baby

…..stories are told and books are held

… eat lunch while enjoying natures beauty

…..hands are rung when grieving or worries set in

…..hands are held when apologies and forgiveness happens

… open a gift from someone that loves you

…..your pet lays to receive your love and attention

…..a hand of kindness is placed when your heart aches

…..a head is placed to wipe away tears or share a secret

The uses for a lap are endless. I chose to highlight only a few good ways to use a lap because as we all know there are equal ways you can use it for the opposite.

The lap can transform at any time to serve any purpose needed.

The next time you feel you have nothing to give someone……share your lap and see how it transforms into the greatest gift you ever gave.




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