Beyond the Feeders III

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As if in a dream you walk through the darkness in search of a door.  Tracing fingers along the unknown hallway reading it like brail  as you round each endless corner. Where are you? The silence is so loud it almost hurts. Noiseless and light-less abyss. No panic rises in your chest. No fear creeps up your spine. No need to call for help. You know you should be alarmed by all these things but you are not nor are you curious why. It is a comfortable labyrinth cocoon you have come to love.  What was it you were ever afraid of? Searching your blurred memory nothing can be found to bring you an answer of why and how did you get to where you are. Where are you? The question lingers but it seems you don’t really care. Why are you even asking a pointless thing when you are home and elsewhere is only the dream.

Are your eyes open? Do you even need them when you can see so clearly. Both hands caressing the language written for you on the wall of nothing and nowhere. Fingers translating words displayed as beautiful illustrations and art work in front of your sightless eyes. You feel akin to what you see, as if it were something you lost a long time ago but now found. A restored memory you didn’t know was missing but now you can feel the loss of what was gone. Finger tips trace the face you longed to touch while it was absent. The eyes are full and knowing. The hair is soft and luminescent. The skin is cool silk against your own. Gently you touch the lips made of satin. Embracing the beautiful being before you, becomes a need so great. For so long the ache of remembrance was hidden beneath the light. Here in the pleasant dark, a flood of emotions rush to the front with a woeful longing to being felt.

Feeling nothing in this new comfortable dark has released the locks to a secret gate. What lies behind the camouflaged wall? Why was it hidden for so long? Who buried such a beautiful piece of art beneath such colorful tapestry? Fingers still delicately tracing the lips, a skeleton key falls to the bottomless floor as you brush by it with your hand. Somehow you know the key well. There is no need to pick it up as the gate begins to open.  The face you no longer can live without smiles as it disappears into the forbidden land of secrets beyond where you stand. It calls with a voice that invites you to follow….and you do.

To be continued………

This is a short story I wrote for fun inspired by a possible truth. I will reveal a piece at a time. I hope it peaks your interest enough to come back and find out what happens to you……..

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